Our Approach

Learning Vs. Doing


Each of our products teach a carefully selected set of software concepts and contains all the necessary components and educational materials to build and program projects that teach the selected skills.
We currently offer two different product Series that teach  C programming based upon the Arduino family of micro controllers.
The Electronics And Programming-IT Series and the Programming-IT Series. Each series teaches exactly the same computer science and programming concepts but the Electronics And Programming-It Series also includes the construction of the printed circuit board containing the electronics and the basic electronics curriculum.
The Electronics And Programming-It Series contains a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and the student will learn about the various electronic components, install them in the circuit board, and solder them in place. Once the circuit board is complete, this Series contains the exact same computer science and programming curriculum.
The Programming-It Series is for those individuals and classroom situations where soldering is not practical or desired. The physical device comes fully assembled and tested and all that is required it to plug the device into the host computer and start programming.

Whichever you chose, you will have a lot of fun, learn valuable electronics and programming skills, and obtain the knowledge and confidence to know that if you can invent it in your mind, you can figure out a way to build it.
Each of our products consists of a series of lessons that focus on either LEARNING or DOING in one of the following areas:
electronics concepts (learning)
electronics construction (not in the fully built Programming Series) (doing)
software language concepts (learning)
software programming (doing)
Each lesson is roughly 15 - 30 minutes long and allows the student to remain focused for a relatively short period of time before moving on to a different but related topic.
Each lesson teaches a specific set of concepts or skills and for the learning lessons, come with a set of review questions and answers at the end of the lesson. The learning lessons are proceeded by doing lessons so the student can immediately utilize the concepts just learned.
By keeping the time on each lesson relatively short, students stay engaged and can keep focused on the specific topic being taught.
Upon completion of the curriculum, students will have a thorough understanding of the topics covered and will have built a hardware platform that enables them to extend their learning with more advanced programming.
In addition to the "core" curriculum, each product also contains more advanced "challenge" exercises that utilize the same hardware platform and will stretch the students to build upon what they have learned in the core content.